• Thoughts On Using a Public Adjuster for Your Next Commercial Claim

    commercial insurance claims best handled by an experienced plublic adjusterInsurance companies use representatives who are trained to minimize the company’s exposure. Frequently, the insurance company will make offers that are less than what they are obligated to pay you for your loss. We ensure that the insurance company is aware that we are in your corner and will not allow them to settle the claim for less than you deserve. Let our familiarity with the insurance claim process and our years of experience work for you.

    What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

    A Public Adjuster acts as an advocate for the insurance policyholder during the entire insurance claim process. Public Adjusters only work for the policyholders and are not to be confused with insurance company or independent adjusters who work for the insurance companies. These professionals, such as those found at Claimsmate, are trained and licensed to appraise, assess, prepare and negotiate many types of home or business property damage.

    Our Property Adjusters will:

    • Review and assess your true insurance coverage as defined in your insurance policy. This creates the ideal setting for the best possible strategy to be devised.
    • Assist the policyholder to meet the requirements of the insurance policy in order to comply with the defined time and damage requirements.
    • Defined and appraises the losses including the valuation of damage, contents, interruption of business operations and any additional expense claims.
    • Represents your claim to the insurer.
    • Negotiates the best settlement for you.
    • Keep you in the loop during the claim process.
  • Branding Your Wedding Venue Business

    wedding venue indoors viewHow is your wedding venue like a house?  Homes sell at a higher point when specific adjectives are used; venues that include detail in their descriptions can also demand a higher price point.

    Do the branding statements on your website sound like your competitors?  Be brave!  Use language that more accurately defines your wedding venues and your ideal type of bride.

    Bottom price tier home listing use words like beautiful, landscaped, renovated or upgraded. Top price tier homes us words like custom waterslide, gorgeous rolling hills view, stainless stell, and 18 in tile throughout. Listings that contain the word ‘luxurious’ sold for 5.9% more than those described as ‘beautiful’.*

    *Alternative words to beautiful: gorgeous, breath-taking, striking, panoramic, captivating, impeccable, and flawless.

    Instead of saying, “Our venue can accommodate extravagant or traditional wedding and holds up to 300 guests for the ceremony and reception.  We create magical events that are uniquely yours.” With an inclusion statement like this, you have tagged yourself as unmemorable and haven’t identified your ideal client.

    Try, “Our brides have an eclectic mix of new ideas and requests that keep us on our toes.  They are romantics at heart with a vision for their wedding.  Their friends call them trendsetters. The want their wedding to mean more that the checks that they write and the actualization of their Pinterest board. The want to become a Belleview Estates Brides.”

    Instead of Saying, “Our venue is beautiful with clean lines and lush gardens.

    Try, “Our reception area is a New England inspired venue that has white plank siding that pops agains a sea blue color.  Hand Scratched antique greyish wood floors add romance to the reception. Eclectic chandeliers draw the eye towards the dramatic 25 foot ceilings.

    Do you have a list of inclusions on your website?

  • Right Fit, Wrong Fit… They All Fit!

    Like a school of carp. Or Victorians who wear big puffy hats to go with an equally big and puffy dress; any occasion to fit any dress style or fashion and what could be considered the next, latest “trend.”

    What are trends though?

    custom hatsWell, it’s like anything with a passing fancy, only in this case trends are what epitomize what people are into at the time. Do they like cutting their hair a certain way, or shaving it all off? Is bald the new way to go, or do people get a bunch of tattoos of various things for a particular reason? Trends are the world’s way of saying that fashion is alive, because even if some of the population rolls its eyes at the thought of a fashion trend, there are quite a few who derive their own fashion savvy from those exact same trends, even brand them and develop them into something new, perhaps to try and make some money, or just to find a way to become unique and inspiring.

    The world acting as an oyster, a catalyst of sweet, juicy goodness which is the true essence of any trend,

    So what does a trend have to do with hats, like the custom embroidered hats that a person can find available, affordable and stylish, at Cover Your Head?

    Trends are mainly derived from one of three elements; fashion, music, and identity. The film industry covers identity, as does music, which makes the two connected. But one thing that all three have in common with is that they follow a fashion trend, and embroidered hats are almost a sure-fire method to become noticed—whether from a personal design created by the recipient, or taking images and pictures from all around the world and putting them into a single hat for self-identity.

    The reason doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what a trend is! It gives the person, the user, the recipient a voice behind their name.

    It is in no way like being a poser either, so please avoid that train of thought. Fashion comes from people taking an already-existing idea and making it feel new. Hats are like zoot suits: these suits were created in a time of great inequality as a means of the Latino culture to show their success and rise to fame. Whereas the regular, average person had a nice pinstripe suit, the Latin culture had zoot suits, and flashed them with the same pride you will feel with a strong logo on a sharp cap.

  • Starting Up an Urgent Care Center

    cost of healthcare deliveryIt is a well-known fact that health is a booming business. What many people don’t know yet is that these days the most promising of medical business formats comes in the form of immediate care centers. These health facilities first appeared back in the 90s and were meant to cater for the specific needs of a segment: non-emergency medical attention that involved unplanned urgent care for injuries or illnesses that were not considered life-threatening.

    Despite the growth of these facilities, it must be said that not everybody can open up an urgent care center. There are many aspects that should be taken into account, such as professional staff, overall management and above all, the cost of health care delivery.

    What are Urgent Care Centers and why have they become so popular?

    Urgent care centers allow patients to receive care for medical issues without visiting an ER, which is both expensive and time-consuming. Since its onset, these centers have been open to help keep community members healthy, by providing physical exams and regular immunization, for instance; as well as helping hospitals take off the burden of the many patients who visit emergency rooms without a real need. The main reason behind their popularity concerns the centers’ ability to provide top-class service in a fast and cost-effective way.

    Why do Urgent Care Centers make a good business venture?

    Since health providers will always be necessary, medical services will be on the rise. Moreover, since urgent cases will always come up, setting up an immediate care center may turn out to be a stable investment. Here are the first steps you should follow:

    First Step: First is first, you should get in touch with either the local Chamber of Commerce or your state licensing agency in order to find out what types of licenses are required of an immediate care center. Since each state has its own regulations, it is imperative for investors to get this inside scope accurately. Some licenses may take a few months to get and some states have stricter regulations than others, so this information is vital before planning anything beforehand.

    Second Step: If you are planning to survive on the market for a longer time, you must get in touch with most major health insurance companies in order to find out what is needed in order to become credentialed. Without this support, your business venture is not likely to make it. The more companies you sign agreements with, the more patients you will be able to take in.

    Third Step: Do some research. Find out about the demographics of the area you are interested in. Bear in mind that you must have at least 40,000 people in a location to open one of these centers. You should also inquire about already existing centers and their proximity.

    Fourth Step: Structure ownership and write a business plan for your center. Professional help may come in handy at this point.

    Fifth Step: Register your urgent care center with your licensing agency and get any other necessary permits.

  • Why a Credit Score Can Be a Business Asset

    Business loans help you do away with your financial worries?If you are running a business, having a positive credit score can be a big advantage. If you are wanting to loan money, having a good credit score is imperative. How good your score needs to be, is somewhat dependable on who you are seeking a loan from. Anything less than a 640 personal score will probably make you ineligible for the major banks. If you have a score of 700, you have a good chance of getting a loan. A good credit score ultimately means that you are competent at dealing with money. For banks, this is an important quality if they are going to lend you money.

    Some reputable websites advise keeping your business and personal credit scores separate. Business loan enquiries lower personal credit scores. Using your own credit score also inhibits the business from building up a strong credit score in the future. It is possible that if the business is successful, the business credit score will exceed your personal score.

    If you do have a poor credit rating, it is possible to get a loan. There are lenders that are specifically suited for this type of business. However, you can expect very high interest rates until the company begins to earn money. Typically, you won’t be able to lend as much from these type of lenders. However, you will be able to loan something!

    Your credit rating can also affect your business in other ways. It can determine how you appear to other companies, and ultimately this might decide if another company trades with you.

    A good credit score is a good way to demonstrate the health of your company. This can give confidence to all people who interact with you; customers, suppliers, lenders, and anyone else!

    One of the positives of using a credit monitoring service is that they will help you with increasing your score. Your spending patterns largely determine how your rating is determined. With slight changes to the way you approach this, your rating could improve drastically. For example, if you are even late for one payment, this can have a drastic effect on your overall rating. For some businesses, they may have the funds but are just sloppy with their timings. A little pointer in this direction, and your rating could grow dramatically.

    If you are a company with emergency credit needs, a healthy rating might be the difference between saving your company or it going into liquidation. Even if you think that your rating does not affect your business at the moment, it may in the future.

    As I’m sure you have figured, having a good score can be a huge asset. If you are serious about your business, I would recommend that you separate your personal credit rating from your business one. Once this happens, you can focus on increasing the profitability of your company, and, therefore, increasing the options for your company in the future. Good luck on improving that rating!

  • How to Select a Qualified Business Broker

    Business brokersThe role of a broker within a business transaction is very important, and because of this it is significant to get a good feel about those who are available prior to reaching a decision about engagement. Here are a few tips that will help you to sidestep the pretenders and find the right person for the brokering role.

    How to choose the right person?

    Brokering is a facilitation process. You want to select one who has the time to devote to finding the ideal transaction. Nearby, when there are cafés for sale in Sydney, we almost always see the name of Elite Brokers rise to the forefront. Still, one can choose the broker according to his requirement.

    Before selecting a broker, make sure you get the right answers to certain questions like what is his experience in this field, how many businesses he has sold similar to the business that he is going to sell now, what is the brokerage interest that he expects from you and so on. If you have any doubts, never hesitate to ask them. If you are not satisfied with their answers, then you can ask for referrals from their previous clients and get the real picture of the broker or the brokering agency.

    Advantages of using a broker

    • First and foremost advantage is that the broker can collect details about the buyer without disclosing the details about the seller, and hence many basic details can be kept confidential, in this case.
    • The broker will bring only the potential buyers to us, and hence more time will be saved as there will be no unnecessary time spent by the person in dealing the weak prospects.

    Broker Agreement

    It is essential to sign a proper broker agreement before starting the work. In the agreement, never forget to mention your requirements and conditions along with the fixed brokerage interest.

    It will be better if the payment timing is included in it. Usually, the clause will mention that the payment will be done only after the entire sale is over, and this will prevent you from paying the amount upfront. Even the timing of sale can be included, and if the broker is not able to sell your business within the limited time then you need not pay the money for him. In such cases, only six months should be the maximum time that has to be allowed by you for the sale.

    It will be better if the timing is between three months and six months. It is essential to include that if you find a buyer on your own then there will be no need for you to pay any brokerage.

  • Get to Know Stuart, Florida

    real estate industry in and around StuartStuart, Florida consists of several island beaches with an array of scenic rocks and boulders. When the tide is low, tourists can take casual walks to reach these rock formations. Beyond this, visitors can indulge in surf, fish, swimming… or even just relax in a beach chair. There is even a five-star beautiful resort run by Marriott close by.

    Museum in Stuart

    George W. Parks general merchandise and grocery store is built in 1901. It is located exactly on the St. Lucie River. The Parks family settled on the second floor while they had the store on the first floor. The residents and surroundings of Stuart area purchased household groceries and animal feed from this store. The store was sold in 1924 and now it is preserved as a heritage museum in Stuart, Florida. This historic building recently celebrated 114th anniversary.

    People visiting this museum can enjoy watching thousands of old items, furniture, antique collections, pictures and maps portraying the life in Stuart.

    Sailfish Capital

    Stuart, Florida is renowned for the sailfish as it has a great number of sailfish surviving in the Stuart area. The city has been renewed and it has lead to great success. Now, there are several upscale and great restaurants, unique shops, and historic sites in Stuart. Though the city is small, each of the places is truly special and unique.

    The Old Flea Market

    This is one of the popular business points in Stuart. It houses a large variety of goods and booths. The atmosphere is alive and electric. It has been open for more than 35 years and is said to be the oldest and largest flea market in the city. There are about 400 vendors who sell coins, shoes, antiques, and food items like pizza, burger and more. You can get everything in this large market.

    Luna Italian Restaurant

    The Luna Italian restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants. It is Stuart’s favorite spot. It has been there since 21 years and serves tasty Italian foods. It is the best place to dine with family and friends. Theatre patrons and celebrities ensure to dine at Luna to enjoy a special evening.

    The Sunday Green Market

    The Sunday Green Market houses 50 to 60 shops. They sell fresh produces like hot sauces, handmade jams, bakes goods, beefs, eggs and more. There are also fresh gourmet foods available at reasonable prices. It is located close to the upscale town of the Stuart.

    As Stuart is the most preferred travel destination, many people are now focusing to enter into the real estate industry in and around Stuart.

  • Search Engine Optimization Your Silent Revenue Booster

    seo for todays dentistsMost people today are interested in taking good care of their dental hygiene. And by advertising your practice online, you can easily attract eager target clients. To ramp this, you need to consider search engine optimization which will help to improve your website rankings and thereby serves as an effective revenue booster.  are the three reasons why a dentist should spend on SEO assistance for their business website.

    SEO helps to bring in a regular stream of patients: By implementing SEO in your official website, you can increase the attention of your dental business. When people browse in search engines, they would come to your website and get to know your services. There will be a constant flow of patients enquiring about your services and fixing appointments through your website. Moreover, by marking your website on Google Places, the local clients can easily contact you through quick search. They will know exactly where your office is located and what timings you are available.

    SEO helps to keep your dental practice in the public eye: Solid SEO consultants will make your official website highly active in the virtual world. If you are worried about standing above your competitors or how to reach your clients from the large community, you can easily gain help from SEO experts. By practicing the latest SEO techniques in your business, you do not have to worry about either your competitors or your level of reach. It easily makes your website visible once the clients enter the appropriate keyword. If you fail to implement, people will not know anything about your services, and they find it hard to locate your business. You will miss patients or customers who are in search of a cosmetic surgeon or require a simple dental cleaning process for their family.

    SEO shows your passion: Most people would love to top their competitors but do not take any actions to make it possible. If you are passionate about your profession and wish to take the next step ahead, depend on SEO. It helps to reach out to the world about your services. Make efficient use of dentists marketing through SEO techniques. You will see what you want and it will make you confident about your services. SEO is not a magic. It involves several processes and techniques to make it successful.

    With so many benefits its only natural that your bottom line increases with the implementation of search engine optimization. If you are keen on reaching out to the world, do not hesitate on developing an SEO centric website.

  • How to Run a Mail Order Business

    Before getting directly into the topic, it is essential to know what a mail order business is. This is a structure where you market or sell your product to customers at distance. Here, both the seller and customer are located at different place when the actual sale takes place. A mail order customer gets to know about the product through media like catalogues, email campaigns, website salescopy, television ads, etc.

    Your customer places his order from a remote location and the seller sends the order through post office, parcel service, etc.  This is the simple working process of a mail order business.

    mail order businessFirst, you should have a good catalogue or flyer that can neatly describe about the product you sell. Remember that in a mail order business, your flyer/catalogue is like your store and the words printed are your salespersons. When you have a good catalogue, you can compel the people to buy your product or service. You can have your catalogue both in printed and electronic versions. You can distribute the flyer to the people in many ways and establish the presence of your business. In case of electronic catalogue, you can send them through emails. Having a mailing list will help a lot to market your business.

    Having a website that displays all your products and services is one of the most recommended ways for running a mail order business. You can also have full shopping cart software embedded on your website so that you customers can place orders and make payments right from your website. You can set up merchant account for accepting payments via credit card.

    You have to locate the suppliers for procuring the products that you want to sell. It is always best to sell the products that you have good knowledge. You should choose a supplier or wholesaler, who can deliver the products on time.

    It is also necessary to have dedicated a phone number for your business. A new customer may be skeptical about your mail order business as you are operating from a remote distance. In such a case, a potential customer may like to contact you to check your credibility and for some clarification regarding the product. When you have a dedicated phone line, you can attend your customer queries and develop a bond between you and your potential client.

    These are some of the very basic requirements for running a mail order business. There are plenty more that you can add up to the list depending on the kind of business and the target customer base.

  • Affordable Vacation Homes at South Lake Tahoe

    Rental homes in Lake Tahoe come with daily linen service, fully-stocked kitchens, indeed a full slate of amenities furnished to offer comfort for the vacationers. Imagine a cozy mountain getaway that includes fireplaces, hot tubs, covered parking, designer décor, gourmet kitchens, and luxury landscape views with access to an array of activities.  This is the promise of a vacation in South Lake Tahoe.

    There are several respected and experienced travel companies that represent prime rental properties in Lake Tahoe. You can discuss with them and make the right decisions to make your travel more enjoyable. Guess, all these features would be tempting and you may plan to take a break from the city and go to South Lake Tahoe.

    There are various types of condos, cabins and homes available for rent in this site. As there are numerous choices, you can easily the pick the best one according to your budget and comfort. Most prefer to visit a place only once, but Lake Tahoe is worth to visit whenever you wish to escape from work for relaxing your mind. It is worth visiting several times than once.

    Take a break from the city in South Lake Tahoe

    If you are wondering how to choose a suitable rental home in Lake Tahoe, then here are some suggestions you should definitely check out.

    • Hiring a condo or rental home is more affordable than booking a hotel to stay. Rental home offers you more comfortable space and features. They are constructed in such a way, where you can get fresh mountain air right through your living room.
    • Before selecting the type of rental space, you need to decide first what you want and for how many members will be vacationing with you.
    • You have wide options and rental homes are available for the price of $3,000 to 50,000. You can either hire for one night or even for a month.

    Lake Tahoe, is perfect for snowmobiling, ski boarding and snow angel and snowman making. You can indulge in the best shopping and nightlife, endless activities, with tasty foodies to relish throughout the year.