Branding Your Wedding Venue Business

December 16, 2015 |

wedding venue indoors viewHow is your wedding venue like a house?  Homes sell at a higher point when specific adjectives are used; venues that include detail in their descriptions can also demand a higher price point.

Do the branding statements on your website sound like your competitors?  Be brave!  Use language that more accurately defines your wedding venues and your ideal type of bride.

Bottom price tier home listing use words like beautiful, landscaped, renovated or upgraded. Top price tier homes us words like custom waterslide, gorgeous rolling hills view, stainless stell, and 18 in tile throughout. Listings that contain the word ‘luxurious’ sold for 5.9% more than those described as ‘beautiful’.*

*Alternative words to beautiful: gorgeous, breath-taking, striking, panoramic, captivating, impeccable, and flawless.

Instead of saying, “Our venue can accommodate extravagant or traditional wedding and holds up to 300 guests for the ceremony and reception.  We create magical events that are uniquely yours.” With an inclusion statement like this, you have tagged yourself as unmemorable and haven’t identified your ideal client.

Try, “Our brides have an eclectic mix of new ideas and requests that keep us on our toes.  They are romantics at heart with a vision for their wedding.  Their friends call them trendsetters. The want their wedding to mean more that the checks that they write and the actualization of their Pinterest board. The want to become a Belleview Estates Brides.”

Instead of Saying, “Our venue is beautiful with clean lines and lush gardens.

Try, “Our reception area is a New England inspired venue that has white plank siding that pops agains a sea blue color.  Hand Scratched antique greyish wood floors add romance to the reception. Eclectic chandeliers draw the eye towards the dramatic 25 foot ceilings.

Do you have a list of inclusions on your website?


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