How to Run a Mail Order Business

December 20, 2014 |

Before getting directly into the topic, it is essential to know what a mail order business is. This is a structure where you market or sell your product to customers at distance. Here, both the seller and customer are located at different place when the actual sale takes place. A mail order customer gets to know about the product through media like catalogues, email campaigns, website salescopy, television ads, etc.

Your customer places his order from a remote location and the seller sends the order through post office, parcel service, etc.  This is the simple working process of a mail order business.

mail order businessFirst, you should have a good catalogue or flyer that can neatly describe about the product you sell. Remember that in a mail order business, your flyer/catalogue is like your store and the words printed are your salespersons. When you have a good catalogue, you can compel the people to buy your product or service. You can have your catalogue both in printed and electronic versions. You can distribute the flyer to the people in many ways and establish the presence of your business. In case of electronic catalogue, you can send them through emails. Having a mailing list will help a lot to market your business.

Having a website that displays all your products and services is one of the most recommended ways for running a mail order business. You can also have full shopping cart software embedded on your website so that you customers can place orders and make payments right from your website. You can set up merchant account for accepting payments via credit card.

You have to locate the suppliers for procuring the products that you want to sell. It is always best to sell the products that you have good knowledge. You should choose a supplier or wholesaler, who can deliver the products on time.

It is also necessary to have dedicated a phone number for your business. A new customer may be skeptical about your mail order business as you are operating from a remote distance. In such a case, a potential customer may like to contact you to check your credibility and for some clarification regarding the product. When you have a dedicated phone line, you can attend your customer queries and develop a bond between you and your potential client.

These are some of the very basic requirements for running a mail order business. There are plenty more that you can add up to the list depending on the kind of business and the target customer base.

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